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Program Objectives:
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Sonia Pitz

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This wiki space was created to provide an all inclusive resource for the liaison and families of student's experiencing homelessness in the eight counties Region 3 ECYEH serves. This includes 48 school districts and community programs that we work in collaboration with. This is being funded by the ARRA grant received funding year 2009-2010. This program is federally funded.

A main goal of Educating Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) is:

to ensure that all children and youth experiencing homelessness enroll, participate, and have the opportunity to succeed in school; ensure children and youth experiencing homelessness receive a free and appropriate public education on an equal basis with all other children in the state; and eliminate and/or reduce educational barriers through the use of local "best practices" and the authorized activities of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.

Program Objectives:

  • reduce the disruption in the educational lives of children and youth experiencing homelessness
  • increase awareness about the nature and extent of the problems children and youth experiencing homelessness have enrolling in and gaining access to educational programs and services; explain laws and policies already in place, which overcome these barriers
  • build on laws and policies already in place, which overcome these barriers
  • build the capacity of others to assist identifying, enrolling, and ensuring the educational success of homeless children and youth
  • provide opportunities to collaborate with other statewide initiatives such as special education, Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTII), Early Childhood, and Title I to improve academic achievement

Local Educational Agency (LEA) Homeless Liaisons have been in place in the Commonwealth since 1989. Each of the 499 school districts, 29 intermediate units, 20 comprehensive career and technical centers, and 175 charter/cyber schools can be in a position to provide valuable data. A full directory of all liaisons is available online at http://homeless.center-school.org/directory to any interested party; contact information is provided to facilitate coordination of services for students experiencing homeless within and between schools and other agencies working with these youth.

Statewide Resources: the Center for Schools and Communities of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit can be reached at 717-763-1661 by school districts, shelters and agencies for information and resources to meet the needs of homeless children and youth. The following Pennsylvania Department of Education websites can also provide information.

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Contact information:

Sonia Pitzi

Regional Coordinator
York Learning Center 300 East Seventh Avenue, Suite 600
York, PA 17404
Office: 717-718-5924
Email: slpitzi@iu12.org
Missy Gosnell
Program Liaison Homeless/POC Foster Care
office: 717-718-5944
Email: magosnell@iu12.org